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Up Close & Personal with Talbot Lemmens

Up Close & Personal with Talbot Lemmens copyright Tal Lemmens Photography

I first met Tal when we were role playing a dysfunctional family as a part of Family Therapy training a few years ago - it's not often you get to say that! Since then, I've come to know him as an amazing ocean photographer.

After purchasing one of his stunning images for this website, I got cheeky and asked him if he wouldn't mind getting Up Close & Personal with us and share his musings on the ocean and his work with it. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Tal.

Tal Lemmens is a 24 year old Warrnambool native, born and bred. Being exposed to the wonders of the ocean early in life by his surfer dad, Martin, Tal eventually forged a deep connection to the ocean that now leaps from the images captured by his lens. "I discovered the calmness it could bring to my life. I would sit on the beach and feel the grains of sand between my toes, watch the waves and hear them rumble, taste salt air on my tongue and draw in the smell of ocean on my lungs. By the sea is where I felt a sense of solace." Now a freelance photographer Tal takes a mindful approach to capturing spectacular ocean images, encompassing all of the things he loves about the sea and turns them into forms of art. We are proud to feature one of his images on our website - a reminder of the healing powers of the ocean and its ability to bring us right into the moment. Turns out he can write too.

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Tal Lemmens - Photo by Peter Chamberlain

By the Sea...

The ocean can be a place of many emotions. It can roar like an untamed lion, whisper like a soft autumn breeze and on rare occasions elements combine to create what would seem to be pure bliss; utopia. I want to highlight how my love of the ocean has helped me calm some of the onshore, howling seas within me.

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©Tal Lemmens Photography

A few years ago I was exposed to the concept of mindfulness whilst working as a case-worker alongside youth. The idea of mindfulness resonated with me - I mean, connecting with ourselves and being able to experience life's moments with fullness, seemed to encapsulate something I was already doing up to four times a week with my ocean photography.

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© Tal Lemmens Photography

I have learnt through photography that not all moments can be captured AND that's okay. Like in all areas of life, it's easy to lose footing in the current, feel like you're drowning, or be caught up in stressors. I often need to remind myself that there will be hundreds if not thousands of more photogenic moments presented to me and if I can be present, I will find them. I find this concept to be transferable to other elements of people's lives as well. Whether it's in correlation to our emotional health, physical health or other stressors, I feel we can nearly always benefit from grounding ourselves in the present moment through mindfulness, to help slow the crazy tidal waters we may be experiencing.

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© Tal Lemmens Photography

Photography, for me, is about being surrounded in the here and now, and being able to capture rare moments. If I'm not watching the ocean, paying attention to surfers, or aware of my camera settings, the opportunity to capture a specific moment of time might be lost. I came to realise that photography, was and still is, mindfulness in its purest form. I now notice that when I'm taking photos, the rest of my daily stressors simply fade. To do my job I have no choice but to be fully present in order to focus on what's around me. This grounding technique is something I have unknowingly practiced for years. I feel untangled from life's problems when I photograph the ocean because I am practicing mindfulness, incidentally and unintentionally, the entire time.

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© Tal Lemmens Photography

I like to think of the ocean as a living being, an entity that breathes, desires, is passionate and sometimes is on a search for calmness. Much like me.
Maybe much like you? The Psychology of it approached me to write a piece about my photography practices and I felt I couldn't do that without highlighting the ways the ocean aids in calming me in the process. I am so grateful for that process - grateful to witness and capture these short glimpses of time and to share them with others. Seeing my photos in print hanging in people's homes brings the greatest joy to me as it reminds me of how important the ocean is in my life.

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© Tal Lemmens Photography

Thanks for taking the time to read this short insight into my photography and my life by the ocean.

To view more of my photography please follow: www.facebook.com/tallemmensphoto/

Instagram: @talxlemmens

If you'd would like to own a piece of my art you can contact me via email; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

See you by the sea!

Tal Lemmens

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    He has quite the eye doesn't he Rocky! I can only imagine some of the things you've seen whilst SCUBA diving though....

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    As a former SCUBA diving instructor, I relate well to these beautiful photos. I truly wish I had his eye!

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