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Motherless Daughters by Bron Levett

As a motherless daughter, Bron Levett is passionate about connecting others through an event to be held in Warrnambool the week before Mother's Day.

Bron Levett is the CEO and founder of The Tax Chic and Bron Levett Coaching, and Branch Director of Business in Heels – South West Victoria. She has a passion for helping others to be their best in all areas of business and life.  She's written us a brief article about the loss of her beautiful mum, and about the event. Please feel free to contact Bron via social media (links below) or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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On 10th June, 2000 my life changed forever. My Mum died, she passed away, she left this world, we lost her – however you want to say it, she is simply not here anymore.

“Motherless Daughters – The Legacy of Loss” is a book written by U.S based author Hope Edelman and is a resource for any woman who has lost her mother and who has looked for comfort and understanding. It is a brave and powerful book of experience and insight.

I purchased Hope’s book in 2002 and have called on it many times to help see me through periods of darkness. Reading the stories of other women and Hope’s exploration of them has helped me to know I am not alone in this world – I’ve laughed and cried with these women, I’ve sympathised with them and I’ve felt their empathy.

I’ve made some significant progress of late, yet for over 15 years I have been a Motherless Daughter. It’s been a long time coming but I feel I am only now moving forward to a place where I am actually living my life rather than just passing the time. Proof there is no time frame for grieving.

While I consider myself lucky to have a support network of family and friends around me, I have always tried to cope on my own, I am after all a very independent woman! The book Motherless Daughters has provided me with the support I’ve needed when I still want to spend time alone.

This experience means I can appreciate how difficult it can be on certain days (sometimes inexplicably) when you are a woman without a Mum, and with Mother’s Day being a particularly difficult time for me personally, I was driven to create an exclusive event for local women who have lost their Mum through death.

With the encouragement of Hope Edelman, Motherless Daughters from South West Victoria are invited to join in a Mother’s Day Celebration on Sunday 1st May, 2016 to reminisce, remember and celebrate our journey as Motherless Daughters.

This event is open to Motherless Daughters of any age who have lost their Mum through Death. I do not wish to exclude any un-mothered woman from this event, and have chosen this audience to encourage an environment congruent with understanding and sharing of experiences, I trust you will understand.

To ensure every Motherless Daughter has the opportunity to attend, I have called on my family and friends to sponsor 5 places for secondary students and 5 places for health care card holders which are available free of charge – to receive one of these tickets, please contact me directly as soon as possible.

Every person who experiences grief does so in their own way – there is no formula to follow, no structure or boxes to tick, it is a personal journey. I hope that this morning tea will encourage women to come together and share their experience with each other remembering always that no one experience is better or worse than another – we can support one another and ourselves which is at the core of my own thoughts at every story I hear of a Motherless Daughter.

Happy Mother’s Day to all our Mums here on earth and in heaven x

For tickets and more information please visit: www.trybooking.com/188465

(Please note for catering purposes tickets sales will close at 5pm on Friday 29th April, no tickets are available at the door)





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