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Doing Mental Health - To Permit by James Smith

Mental Health Week begins on October 7th, 2018. To celebrate, we are sharing a series of articles by seven different writers each of whom have chosen a verb that for them, relates to mental health. We’re calling this series ‘Doing Mental Health’ and you can look forward to reading ‘to Talk’ ‘to Be’ ‘to Self-Care’ ‘to Change’ ‘to Permit’ ’to Speak’ and ‘to Balance’. Thanks to James Smith who came up with the idea for Doing Mental Health. It's only fitting that we end with his verb - To Permit.

Society is a maze of intertwining beliefs, morals, rules, standards, cultures yadda yadda.

You get the point.

But what people often forget is that everyone is unique, we all think differently.

And we all know this, yet when it comes to difficult topics such as mental health it all too often becomes a subject most would like to sweep under the rug.

We all struggle with life’s nuances at times, and our thoughts and opinions can be swayed based on internal and external influences.

For some, these thoughts can become distorted for whatever reason, for some a little, while others it can be a lot.

During these times we become judgmental of ourselves and its these self-reflections that can interfere with the way we address the situation.

To most of us the idea of judging oneself is also nothing new, but when mental health is being dealt with, the internal critic often prohibits one’s ability to resolve the thoughts.

This is especially true when you’ve encountered a time in your life where the issues you’re trying to resolve are those that are not necessarily understood by friends, family and many people you regularly interact with.

And taking action to address this, can in itself, be a source of self-doubt, loss of confidence, anxiety, depression... the list goes on

One thing that is rarely considered is that it's ok to think differently.

To overcome the issues, we face we must first allow ourselves to have an issue.

We need to know that its is OK to not be OK

We must permit ourselves to question things.

Permit ourselves to think different to others, because without this permission, the road to recovery is paved with the jagged stones of not only the misconceptions of others, but that of your Portable Prosecutor.

Permission to experience these times in life gives you permission to move on, to address your issues.

Yes, times get tough, you bet your Nelly they do, but its these times that help you to identify how you can allow yourself to grow, get well, move forward, however you want to describe it.

All it takes is your permission.

Apply for your personal permit, review your requirements, and grant yourself the permit to be you.


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James Smith

James Smith is a 43 year old married father of three who enjoys travelling around Australia with his family, working on classic vehicles, riding his Harley and telling stoopid dad jokes He is currently a student at South West TAFE, Warrnambool completing his diploma of community services.


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    I love the way you write James. Very inspiring, very powerful and very true.
    Great job mate.

  • Comment Link Cameron Price %PM, %09 %471 %2018 %21:%Oct posted by Cameron Price

    Great article James.

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