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"I signed up for the Conscious Living Retreat hoping for the time of my life. I even expected the time of my life. From the time I landed in Bali, it became far more than that. I am not the same man I was when I hopped on the plane from halfway around the world. The experiences changed me for the better.

Jodie's workshops and Peta's yoga and meditation sessions allowed us to connect with our higher selves in ways I had heard about but never experienced. Their knowledge and compassion and connection germinated in all of us. We truly became a tribe, a family.

In a word, the Retreat was magical. Each minute. Each hour. Each day.

Jodie's workshops gave us the tools to move forward in positive ways with our lives, and more. She didn't just tell us about them. She lived those tools each day. We could see her grow right along with us, so that we became a loving community rather than a mere class.

Peta's meditations taking us up the mountain of our chakras to introduce us to our higher selves perfectly blended with the gentle yoga she led us in. She also did more than lead us. She, too, was one of us.

Jodie created what I see as a perfect atmosphere for personal growth and learning. She created a safe haven for us to be vulnerable. Many, if not all of us, were. Each supported the others.

To say that this amazing retreat was life-changing would not do it justice. It caressed my soul. It nurtured it.

Over time, I've been to many retreats and conferences. I've never experienced the level of love and acceptance and camaraderie and growth I experienced here. Each and every person in the retreat became my friend. Though we only knew each other a week, we really knew each other by the end. Because it was safe to do so.

I cannot imagine a Retreat being any better." Rocky, Texas, USA.

"In some ways I don’t really know where to start to tell of my experience of Retreat.

I had booked into the retreat because I had had a very bad few months with anxiety and depression and felt I needed something to shift my thinking. This retreat was recommended to me and I was drawn more to the Conscious Living Retreat after reading about Jodie Fleming and Peta Jolley and their ethos.

As it turned out this was one of the most beneficial things I have ever done for myself. I can’t remember ever putting so much time into myself and it’s been so rewarding.

Our group met for the first time at Desa Seni a village resort which was chosen so beautifully as our first venue. The perfect place for our tribe to get to know each other and to begin our mindful journey.

We went on to have 7 of the most glorious days together. Our leaders Jodie and Peta led us to re-discover ourselves in the most positive and beautiful way. At times we were very vulnerable but everyone of us felt safe and secure in this beautiful environment of Bali.

I’ve been back home and in the real world now for a few weeks and find that retreat has NOT left me. I feel so much gratitude for the people I met and the experience we all went through. I have only to think of that time and a smile comes to my face.

My biggest thanks go to Jodie Fleming and Peta Jolley. I can’t recommend anything more highly than this retreat. If you find you do need to do anything for yourself I would encourage you to go on retreat with these ladies in the future." Pauline, Victoria, Australia.

"The Conscious Living Retreat was my first trip to Bali along with my first retreat. I had no idea what to expect. My experience was unbelievable. Our crew contained a cross section of people who melded together in the most magical way.

Guided by the vulnerability and honest of Jodie we all peeled back our barriers and went along the journey of self-discovery. Through the workshops Jodie delivered we shone the spotlight on ourselves which was complimented beautifully by Peta’s yoga and mindfulness sessions.

I left Bali a different person with a more positive outlook on life and for that I will be forever grateful. The accommodation was brilliant and there was enough time to relax as well as enjoy the absolutely delicious food we ate everyday. It was the perfect blend of a retreat and holiday. I can not recommend this retreat highly enough, you owe it to yourself to go!" Jodie, Victoria, Australia.

"Bali was a place I never had on my bucket list or to even go on a Yoga Retreat, but it was six days of being with a fantastic group of people. So much love, laughter & great experiences will stay with me forever . Thanks so much to our amazing leaders Jodie & Peta for an unbelievable experience that I was privileged to be apart of." Fiona, Victoria, Australia

"It’s amazing to think that on May 4th I would embark on a very different holiday to Bali with a group of people, most of which I had not ever met. The following seven days provided many laughs, conversations and tears with these people who didn’t even seem like strangers at all. An amazing experience I would recommend to everyone. You owe it to yourself. Heart felt thanks to Jodie, Peta and Jo." Kerrie, Victoria, Australia. 

"Amazing is not a word I use often but that is what the whole week of the Retreat was. Being new to yoga and the whole concept of a retreat, I wasn't sure what to expect and had some doubts. However they were soon put away on the first day when it became obvious that it would be a safe and caring group led by 2 wonderful, warm caring, people. Even though (or because?) some of Jodie's so carefully laid plans went slightly astray, not that I noticed, everything led to that life changing moment awakening. The great locations and food just added the cream to it. Thank you so much to each and everyone involved. Nick xx" Nicholas, Victoria, Australia.

"I’m back into the real world today after the most life changing experience in Bali last week. I was lucky enough to join a group of amazing people at the Conscious Living Retreat.

A heartfelt thank you to Jodie and Peta for organising such a fabulous retreat - you should both be incredibly proud of yourselves. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to spend a week learning more about mindful living and practicing yoga and meditation daily surrounded by incredible people." Yvonne, Australia.


You are invited to join Mindful Tribes, The Psychology of It’s Dr Jodie Fleming, and yoga teacher Peta Jolley, for a unique wellbeing holiday on the beautiful island of Bali.

Dr Jodie Fleming is a highly respected and experienced clinical and health psychologist, and enthusiast for values-driven living. Jodie chooses to live a conscious and balanced way of life, through her relationships, self-care practices and passion for embracing every moment. Jodie is excited to step out of the clinic and into a new way of sharing her knowledge and own experiences of living consciously.

Mindful Tribes is a bespoke retreat travel specialist, based in Melbourne, founded by Jo Duffy. Jo and her team have earned an enviable worldwide reputation as creating highly polished, hand crafted, wellbeing retreat holidays for the everyday person. A Mindful Tribes retreat holiday infuses boutique wellness workshops, stunning food experiences and once in a lifetime experiential moments, all in the most breathtaking destinations.

Peta Jolley is a passionate yoga teacher who has studied under Lorraine Bell, Simon Borg-Olivier and John Weddepohl, empowering her vast understanding of Yoga and Self Knowledge. Peta loves to co-create with the community and has co-founded The Warrnambool Yoga Project with four other teachers to bring the community together through yoga. Peta teaches adults as well as children creating a Kids Yoga Program which is taught throughout kindergartens and schools across South West Victoria.

The Conscious Living Retreat offers self-reflective workshops, beginner’s Hatha Yoga whilst immersed in the beauty of Bali.

Jodie’s workshops and Peta’s yoga classes create the space to explore your inner-self as we guide and support you to reflect upon your ways of living, identifying where change is necessary. The combination of yoga and your values-driven inspiration, you will rediscover a conscious life.

In Sanskrit, Mandala literally means ‘circle’ and in Buddhism and Hinduism it is a spiritual and ritual symbol representing the universe. In Jungian psychology, mandalas are symbolic of the inner process by which individuals grow toward fulfilling their potential for wholeness. According to Carl Jung, the powerful, generative centre of our inner reality, is the Self.

The lessons in the workshops and yoga classes will allow you to come full circle, to look inside yourself and rediscover deep desires for yourself, your loved ones or for humanity. From beginning to end, step-by-step, day-by-day, we will assist you to add the metaphorical grains of colourful sand to your own conscious mandala of life.

The teachings of each yoga class and every workshop will be carried into every aspect of this wonderful retreat with a difference. Be it a sunrise meditation walk around a volcano, the nourishing soul-food eaten in Bali’s incredible wellness restaurants, the restful massages or sunset ancient temple visit, you will flourish with the conscious acts of living each experience, mindfully.

Embarking on this breathtaking two centre retreat, you have the opportunity to experience a personal journey of self exploration, empowerment and cultural diversity, meanwhile finding deep relaxation and peace in the timeless beauty of Bali.

Regardless of whether you are at the beginning of your journey into living consciously or you are a dedicated wellbeing lover, this retreat will be a transformative journey led by our amazing MINDFUL TRIBES team.

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Our 7 Day / 6 Night retreat holiday offers 3 Nights at the Desa Seni, Canggu and 3 nights at Alaya Resort, Ubud.

On arrival at Denpasar airport, you will be met by our driver and guide and transferred the one hour drive to Canggu where you will be welcomed by our Mindful Tribes community, Jodie and Peta, for your first three nights.

Desa Seni, our first beautiful retreat home, is located in Canggu, one of the newest and most talked about Balinese destinations. Famous for its emerging wellness scene, expansive beach and incredible eateries, Canggu's enviable ocation on the south west coast of Bali, means it is firmly at the top of the to do list for most travellers to a new, exciting Bali. Referred to as a State of Mind rather than a place, it boasts 10km of beach and sunsets you’ll never forget. 

Imagine waking up in a traditional Indonesian village, with the hum of Bali as your wakeup call, as the sun rises over blue skies. Steps to your morning yoga classes, a meandering path to organic, farm to table goodness, or strolling up to Merapu Svaasthya, the spa for some self-love. Why not swim in the salt water pool and if you are in need of an oleh oleh, souvenir in Indonesian, visit the curated gift shop, Rumah Candi. Meet old friends and make new friends! Cherish the moments in life that are like windows to the invisible.

The Desa Seni boasts unique accommodations in original antique wooden homes, imported from the many islands of Indonesia, restored and refurbished. Enjoy living amidst original Indo artefacts and antiques reflecting true Indonesian culture and heritage.

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On bidding Canggu farewell, we will continue our journey north east to the hinterland village of Ubud.

Alaya, our second retreat home is located in the midst of Ubud, set amongst the rice paddy fields. Nestled in plush tropical gardens, this retreat is a breathtakingly beautiful garden of Eden. From the moment you arrive your breath will change pace, with the quiet of the birds singing and the hum of Bali around you. The inviting healing swimming pools and day spa will allow you to relax and unwind whilst we enjoy the absolute delights that this world leading wellness scene in Ubud has to offer.

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Jodie will be sharing with our group workshops brimming with experiential insights into personal inner reflections revealing self motivating values and desires for change. You will learn how to translate those desires into choices and actions in your new approach to living consciously.

As an essential ingredient to the Conscious Living Retreat, the foundation for incidental mindfulness practice will be provided within Jodie’s workshops and Peta’s Yoga classes and brought to life in the wonderful excursions and experiences designed for you throughout your retreat.

In addition to the group workshops there will be the opportunity to also book a private personally tailored one-hour session with Jodie at an additional cost. 


Our special guest, Hatha Yoga teacher Peta Jolley, would like to introduce you to the benefits of yoga and meditation through a beginners' gentle Hatha practice. Designed to complement Jodie’s workshops, the classes will cater to all levels and abilities, including absolute novices. In our quest to introduce you to a mindful and conscious life, yoga allows you to meet yourself each morning on your mat with love and compassion.


Our retreat holidays are wholly focused on wellbeing and we hand craft them with only one thing in mind. To showcase to you, a more mindful way of living through our unique daily experiences. Workshops to beginners' yoga classes, amazing food experiences to experiential travel experiences showcasing a hidden land.

Delicious, healthy food is always a big focus and with this beautiful wellness holiday we aim to exceed all expectations with our stunning menu. Our mainly vegetarian menu has been carefully curated with local, seasonal and fresh produce in mind.

We will showcase to our group a beautifully hidden Bali full of breathtaking views, rugged landscapes, pristine beaches and world renowned historic villages. We will walk through rice paddy fields, practice yoga in truly spectacular locations and enjoy unique dining experiences with the opportunity to enjoy the option of trekking breathtaking Mt Batur volcano for a sunrise mindfulness walk. And whilst enjoying the company of new friends you have made, you can't help but relax and find a sense of purpose in your world.


Many of our travellers join our wellbeing holidays on their own. If you are travelling solo you can either choose a solo room or we can buddy you up with another traveller of the same gender in a twin share.


Jodie Profile

Dr Jodie Fleming is a Kylie Minogue loving Staffy owner who does her best to live in the moment. She also cares about people and is deeply interested in the human-ness behind all that we do. Jodie came back to psychology as a career after trying a handful of other people-centred professions in her twenties, including myotherapy, tertiary teaching and working as a movement therapist based on the Pilates Method. She was always going to be a psychologist though, and now works in her private practice, The Psychology of It, and as a part of the mental health department at St John of God Healthcare.

On the background of her own chronic health issues, Jodie is a motivated exerciser and understands the importance of eating well and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Recently, she has begun practising more 'therapy in action', taking her clients out of their minds and into their lives. Jodie strives to motivate her clients to move their bodies when they are lacking the motivation to do so. Walk and talk therapy has become one of her new favourite ways of working.

Jodie has enjoyed sessional lecturing undergraduate psychology students but is doing more guest-speaking at the moment within a cancer survivorship program, general community education events, and young leaders programs. She is also developing the local Mental Health Week activities with the city council. Needless to say, Jodie is completely thrilled to be leading her first wellness retreat in conjunction with Mindful Tribes.

Passionate about writing and sharing information in the name of helping others, her first book, A Hole in My Genes, is set to be published later in 2018.

You can find Jodie and her writing at The Psychology of It website, on Facebook @thepsychologyofit, or Instagram @the_psychology_of_it

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Peta is a spiritually rich and passionately responsible human, who loves to engage with warmth, humour and compassion. Peta's wealth of experience with yoga for over 20 years, offers you classes with depth and space for self discovery as you practice. Through the combination of asana, spinal movement, Yoga Nidra, Pranayama and Meditation you can restore yourself to wholeness.

Peta will offer yoga classes that are accessible to any level of experience with yoga. On this Conscious Living Retreat, you are encouraged to be willing to open your heart and mind to the experience of yoga. You have the opportunity to form a relationship with Yoga and in doing so, form a deeper, transformative relationship with Self.


The retreat package is either based on a Superior Twin room or a Superior Solo room.

At the Desa Seni Retreat Hotel the twin share or solo options are based on an individual house villa. Please be aware that by nature of the design of Desa Seni the accommodation is a group of individual boutique Javanese houses that all differ in design and size. Some may be larger and some may be smaller and will be allocated to each guest randomly by the team at check in. At the Alaya Hotel, Ubud the rooms will be Deluxe twin or king solo.


$3850.00 Per Person, SOLO ROOM

$2980.00 Per Person, TWIN SHARE


• 7 Days / 6 Nights staying 3 nights at Desa Seni, Canggu / 3 nights at Alaya Ubud BALI

• Hosted by Mindful Tribes Retreat Leader, clinical & health psychologist, Dr Jodie Fleming

• Delicious and healthy breakfast and dinner daily, with four lunches

• Five group self-motivating wellness workshops

• Gentle beginners yoga and meditation

• Sunset excursion of Tanah Lot Temple

• Raw food cooking class

• Optional Traditional Indonesian medicine Jamu making workshop

• Optional Mt Batur sunrise mindfulness walk

• One hour full body massage

• Arrival and departure Denpasar airport transfers

• Daily filtered water, teas, and coffee

• Wifi

• Mindful Tribes Welcome pack


• Flights

• Airport taxes

• Meals not stated

• Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks

• Visas are required

• Laundry and items of a personal nature

• Tipping

• Excursions not listed in the inclusions

• Tailored sessions with Dr Jodie Fleming (rebate may apply)

This retreat was fully booked.