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April 18th, 2017

Dear Psychology of It,
About three or four times a year I have dreams featuring tornadoes. Sometimes I am able to get out of the way and watch the powerful majesty of the thing, and sometimes I have to hunker down and endure its destructive force. They always wake me up to the question, "What was that about?" My question is, "What is that about?"

Well firstly, thanks so much Tornado Dreamer for your question - our very first one!

From the outset, I have to let you know that I am definitely not a dream analyst by any stretch of the imagination, but I do love a good dream and trying to work out its origins! Throughout university we were taught that there were two types of dreams: those that relate to your daily life; and those which were just totally random.

I did some research about dreams involving tornadoes and I'd be guessing that your dreams are the former.

Almost all resources I consulted linked the tornadoes to emotions and in particular, strong feelings such as rage, powerlessness, confusion and stress. It's possible that these dreams might involve a need to express these emotions or that you've been around someone who has expressed strong emotions around you.

There were common suggestions that these dreams would occur at times of life involving sudden change, or times of unpredictability leading to that sense of loss of control.

However, it's not all negative as tornadoes can also represent new beginnings.

You mentioned sometimes watching the tornado which apparently can mean that an important relationship or challenge is coming. And if the dream involves family and friends, then the dream is about communication and ensuring you are communicating effectively.

It might be worth your while reflecting on this information and asking yourself some of the following questions:

Are you experiencing some kind of stressful, volatile situation or are you experiencing significant change in your life?

Are you feeling overwhelmed or confused?

Are you feeling disappointed or facing complications in some area of your life?

Are there new beginnings on the horizon or any other type of change happening in your life?

I hope this has been helpful - make sure you let us know what you come up with! Thank you again so much for writing to us. What an interesting question!

As for the rest of you, be sure to email or message us your questions to answer in our monthly Ask a Psychologist Mailbag. Be kind to one another. x

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    Very. Interesting analysis!

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    An absolutely perfect answer! WOW!

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