Faces of India & Nepal: A Story Through Photos

Three weeks ago I returned from one of the most amazing trips of my life, this time through India & Nepal. I may never find the words to write about it. Instead, I'd like to share some of my photos. These are some of the faces of India & Nepal.

small portrait working lady

Small portrait lady

small old man walking

small ladies walking

small monk

small bananas

small street

small sleeping man

small smiling tuk tuk driver

small landscape working lady

small boy

small man and lady on motorbike

small street food

small street bikes

small market

small pink girl

small girls begging

small saris

small people on boat

small varanasi

small man with cart

small Rafi

small flags and monks

small monk standing

and allow me to indulge in one little self-portrait.....

Profile shot

The people I met and photographed on this trip made it an incredible experience. I hope I've managed to show a little insight into the incredible cultures of India and Nepal. If you ever get the opportunity to visit these amazing countries, make sure you seize it with both hands.

chair 51px




  • Comment Link Sue Kenna-McMillan %PM, %11 %295 %2016 %17:%Dec posted by Sue Kenna-McMillan

    Jode, when I look at your photos they take me back 30 years ago when I travelled for 2 months in India on my own.....
    The people may be different but somehow it all looks the same....,

    One of my very favourite places on earth!

    I hope to return soon❣

    Love your work Jode. X

  • Comment Link paul %AM, %08 %890 %2016 %07:%Dec posted by paul

    G'day Jodie absolutely love the photos the one with the man with the walking stick is especially good, but your photo is the real winner you look so relaxed and happy good to see, cheers Paul .

  • Comment Link Diana %AM, %08 %786 %2016 %04:%Dec posted by Diana

    The last one, of you, is a total author photo. India is my favorite country in the world. I'm so glad you loved it too.

  • Comment Link Jodie @ The Psychology of It %PM, %07 %427 %2016 %20:%Dec posted by Jodie @ The Psychology of It

    Thanks Rocky! My favourite is of the first lady. I can honestly say, I've never felt so calm as when I took my own photo. People in India love having their photos taken, in fact, they'd often ask. I have so many photos of pure strangers, it was a beautiful way to connect - human to human.

  • Comment Link Rocky %PM, %07 %414 %2016 %19:%Dec posted by Rocky

    Wow! What a journey! Whoever said that a picture is worth a thousand words underestimated it by tenfold! These are amazing! The one gentleman on the motorcycle didn't seem to appreciate being photographed. And was the lady actually riding "sidesaddle?" I love the pictures you took of the children, and people going about their daily routines. My favorite, though, is the last one. You look as though you are simultaneously happy and in awe!

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