Happy Holidays

Did you know that between November 1st and January 15th there are approximately 29 holidays observed by 7 of the world's major religions?

So we wish you Happy Holidays from The Psychology of It!

On our street in country Victoria, almost at the bottom of Australia, we celebrated Christmas. Every house had children our age and we grew up with our best friends right next door. There were the Morrows and the McLeans, the Noonans, the Stewarts and the Warrens. And of course, there were the Flemings.

Christmas mornings we'd rise to find Santa's sleigh and Rudolph's hoof prints leading from house to house and we'd follow them with such excitement into one another's homes to see what Santa had left. Those were the days...

This week four nine-year-old-boys reminded me of the magic of childhood Christmases when I went to watch my nephews' school concert. We smiled our way through the class performances and award presentations, grateful that it was happening fairly quickly and that soon we could all get back to our important busyness, when the magic occurred.

The whole school gathered on the stage to sing Christmas carols while we waited for Santa to arrive on his Harley. Yep. His Harley.

The music started and four little boys burst to the front of the stage and danced like noone was watching. As far as they were concerned, nobody else existed, just the four of them busting out their biggest moves and smiling the grandest of grins at one another. With each song, their singing grew louder and their challenges to dance off with one another became bolder and bolder.

As I watched them, my smile hurt my face, but when their excitement grew to hysteria, knowing their loud voices would bring Santa closer and closer, my heart almost burst as it filled with the magic that is the belief in Christmas and all that is the Christmas Spirit.

It doesn't matter what your religious beliefs are, or whether you even have any, it doesn't matter what holidays you celebrate, or don't - what matters is how we connect to those around us, our people, human-to-human. 

So, from our family to yours, we wish you a little bit of that magic and hope some of that human spirit shines bright for you this holiday season.

All our love,

Jodie & the crew at The Psychology of It


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