Happy First Birthday The Psychology of It

The Psychology of It turned one on March 26th, 2017! What a year it's been. Read on to here a bit about our journey creating the website and our plans for the future. Oh yeah, we also announce the winner of our first birthday competition!

Phew - our first twelve months has been an incredibly steep learning curve! What do people want to read about? What are their questions? Am I writing this in a way that's easy enough to understand? Are they getting sick of me posting too much on Facebook? Why did someone unfollow us? Why is noone commenting? Is anyone out there?

But we're really proud of what we've produced in our first year!

73 original articles in total and an ever-growing village of 809 Facebook followers and 576 Instagram followers. We're still learning with Twitter and haven't yet cracked the code to getting people to actually subscribe to the website, but we're getting there!

We're really happy to share with you that we're in the planning stages now for an even better website to provide you with more information and tools for your coping tool kits, including some regular meditation sessions with Dr Briony Roberts from Synchronicity Psychology & Wellbeing Services. We'll keep you posted on all the fabulous changes over the coming months but you are in the best position to help us out!

In fact, we'd really love your feedback now more than ever and if you have a spare minute, we'd appreciate it if you could please fill in our very teeny tiny survey! Thank you!

To celebrate our first birthday, we had our first ever competition with the winner announced via video. I won't spoil the surprise - see for yourself!

Finally, I want to say thank you. It's not easy writing to an invisible audience and many times over I wanted to give up, but each and every time I considered it, one of you would send the kindest feedback, or make a comment, or share a post and it just made all the difference. Don't underestimate the power of clicking the like button! I know it's not easy and there are so many reasons people aren't active on social media much less on a psychology website, but remember, your comments could help someone else and there's always a private message if you're shy!

So in short, thank you for giving me a reason to keep doing what I love. Writing truly makes me happy. It gives me an escape and in fact, it's become useful for my work as a psychologist. I'm sharing my Coping Toolkit tools with my clients and so are my colleagues. As strange as it might be, that hadn't occurred to me as a potential benefit when I first started.

Hold on for the ride for the next year and share us with your friends. Reach out and ask us for what you need, what questions you want answered, what you've always wondered about. We aim to please!

Big love to you all.



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