Conversations on the Couch with Scarlett (7)

Earlier this year, six-year-old Scarlett (she's 7 now!) wrote to us at The Psychology of It asking a very important question - "Why do people live if they're only going to die?" We answered Scarlett in an open letter. So impressed by the curiosity and intelligence of this young lady, we thought it only fitting to invite her over for a cup of tea and what turned out to be a very special Conversation on the Couch. You can see it here.

Scarlett resizedScarlett preparing for the interview.


To celebrate our very first face-to-face Conversation on the Couch, we filmed the interview thanks to the help of Scarlett's mum Rachele, who was thankfully close-by to help answer some of the trickier questions.

We think you'll agree that Scarlett's questions and her own thoughts on the topics she raises highlight the wisdom and innocence of children. Even if she is a "communist." We hope you enjoy this very special Converation on the Couch. 



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    Well done, Scarlett! I loved your questions and your answers!

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