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Welcome to The Psychology of It, a website founded by clinical and health psychologist Dr Jodie Fleming in March, 2016.

An avid, curious and open observer of human behaviour, Jodie craved a way of combining her passion for all things psychological with her favourite pastime of writing. The result is an ongoing evolution. What began with a website now includes a 3000 strong Facebook Village, Instagram page, YouTube Channel, Spotify playlists, resource lists and stacks of user-friendly tools.

After spending much of her career normalising common human experiences to her clients, most of whom feel isolated in their experiences, Jodie decided to cast the net of her messages even further in order to connect people, human-to-human. In doing so, she hopes to increase a sense of connectedness between us, as opposed to focussing on the differences that our comparative brains seems so readily programmed to do.

The Psychology of It aims to de-stigmatise mental illness and promote better mental health care.

We have welcomed a number of guest writers in 2018 and aim to continue to bring you relevant, practical, interesting, compassionate and inspirational information. You're able to subscribe on the homepage to make sure you don't miss out on any of the featured articles.

"I'm excited to say that The Psychology of It is my muse - the place where I am able to bring all of the pieces together - where I can write for you about everyday life, demystifying the psychological science behind it and provide you with some handy tools to make your life the most meaningful life you can live."

From one human to another,



Dr Jodie Fleming
Clinical & Health Psychologist
BA (Psych), Post Grad Dip (Psych), DClin&HlthPsych, MAPS.

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